Retaining Focus with ADHD Using Tech Tools

Overcoming distractions and getting work done.

Craig McWha
4 min readOct 6, 2021
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Many times I’ve sat down to write and oh look a squirrel… What was I doing? Can’t remember, might as well get up and make a coffee.

I have adult ADHD and bipolar disorder. Retaining focus on tasks can be an absolute nightmare. Minor distractions can become full-blown barriers to progress. This has been an issue for many a year. As a previous member of the armed forces, I found the structure present in the military was a key component in remaining on task. Realising that structure was vital for progress, I decided I needed to implement this into my writing life. This is how I did it, and the tools I use on a daily basis.

Working environment

I had been working with my laptop on my knee, lazing about on the sofa. The family kicking about in the same room, chatting away. The TV or radio on. The dog snoring in the corner. Cats walking across my keyboard. Hardly the most conducive environment for productivity.

I bought a desk. Just a cheap thing from amazon. On top of this, I placed a large faux leather mat, for comfort. I bought a USB-C hub and hooked up a portable monitor. I set this up in the bedroom and instantly created a dedicated workspace for just a few GBP’s. This small…



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