Evernote Revisited — Notetaking in the Browser

Craig McWha
4 min readSep 13, 2021

Is Evernote still relevant in 2021

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Ah, the eternal debate; which notetaking app is the best?

As a Chromebook user, I am usually limited to android apps to give me anything approaching functionality. However, more and more apps are becoming browser-based PWA’s and this opens up many more apps to Chromebook users.

Evernote is one such browser-based notetaking app. I first used Evernote in 2015, and I haven’t used it since 2018. I’m about to dive back in a take a look at what Evernote has to offer in 2021.

Let’s Start with The Price

Evernote has four plans available, ranging from Free to £9.17 PCM per user (if paid annually.)

Each plan offers different functions. For many, the basic plan may be enough. For me, the personal plan offers decent value at £5.99 PCM (when paid monthly).

screenshot of Evernote pricing plans when paid annually
image courtesy of the author — screenshot of Evernote pricing plans (when paid annually)

The Evernote Home Screen

Logging into your Evernote account takes you to your home screen. This is a much neater layout than I remember from when I last used Evernote. It is reminiscent of a large blotter on your desk, with Notes and Recently Captured sections in large white blocks.

What I like in particular is the Scratch Pad on the right-hand side of the screen, looking like a Post-It note of old. Just start typing in the Scratch Pad without worrying about creating a new note. You can click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the pad to save your note at any time.

To the left of your screen, there is a menu bar. This contains shortcuts to your homepage, Notes, Tasks, and Notebooks. Included here is also the upgrade button. Take, er, note. You may wish to click this button later.

There’s an option to customise the home screen, adding widgets to suit your workflow.

Screenshot of the Evernote home pagee
image courtesy of the author — screenshot of Evernote home page

Free Account versus Personal Account

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