Chat GPT — AI Without a Soul

Craig McWha
3 min readJan 26
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What is all the fuss about?

Chat GPT has been hitting the news headlines recently. Whilst tech geeks have been aware of the software for a wee while now, it has started to hit the mainstream. Reception has varied between hot and cold, fear and fantastical. But what does the future of Chat GPT hold for us ordinary Joe’s?

It’s a method of cheating for university students

So screamed the quick-to-be-outraged Daily Mail. Hmmm. Well, take a look at this.

I didn’t write this. Chat GPT did. Clever stuff, huh? Well, yes. But have you ever read anything as soulless in your life (Justin Beiber song lyrics excluded, for reasons of fairness.)

It may well be able to decipher the correct answer to multi-guess questions, but I’d argue that the nuance isn’t quite there yet to write an essay that will pass the scrutiny of a well-educated human eye/brain interface.

It can write music lyrics

Chat GPT was asked to write a song in the style of Nick Cave. This is what it produced. I’m no expert, but that is as soulless a lyric as I’ve seen since Ed Sheeran first attacked my ears with his vomit-inducing warblings. Furthermore, Nick Cave himself was left mightily unimpressed. As well he might be!

So yes, technically Chat GPT can write music lyrics. But who would want to listen to them put to music? (Stand down Gen Z, we already know you would listen to any old tripe hummed through a shoe.)

It can debug code

And this is my biggest problem with AI. If we hand over our software to the machines, will it lead to the Rise of The Terminators?

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Frankly, that’s the least of my concerns. What about all those coders who will now be faced with having to…

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